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Children's Age Groups

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The Pearls are our youngest and arguably the most energetic age group.  They have many exciting activities designed to foster positive growth and teach our Pearls life skills that are essential to becoming not only successful, but socially responsible.
They match up to the National Thrusts, perfectly!

Onyx (9-12 years)

Emeralds (6-8 years)

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The Emeralds are our early elementary age group.  Each year, they have exciting events designed to inspire them to become well-rounded, dynamic leaders capable of contributing to and being active members of the community around them. Just to name a few, the Emeralds are immersed in STEAM activities designed to foster a love of learning, specifically, science and technology. They will also learn key facts about our historical black colleges/universities and participate in numerous other activities designed to support our national thrusts.

Diamonds (13-18 years)


Pearls (2-5 years)

The Diamonds are our oldest age group.  Our Teen Diamonds know that they have “the power to make a difference.” Diamonds completed the time management module early in the programming year to manage their busy schedules and to enable them to complete their ambitious agenda.  This year, they set chapter goals for completing the Jack and Jill National Programming Thrusts and centering their activities on the programming themes including educational, cultural, health, recreational, social, and civic/legislative activities.

The Onyx are our tween age group.  We engage our tweens in meaningful activities that provide an opportunity to foster their leadership skills, expose them to their rich cultural heritage, and instill in them the value of giving back to the community in which they live. Our AMV Onyx mothers offer thoughtfully designed programming that will ultimately enable our children to have "The Power to Make a Difference."